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The Solution

Monitor herbicide

Monitor is unique in controlling the troublesome weeds, Brome and Couch, in winter wheat throughout the growing season.  And it goes further, killing Cleavers, Mayweed, Charlock and Volunteer Oilseed Rape.

Monitor also significantly stunts the growth of Volunteer Barley making it an invaluable tool for the seed wheat producer.

Use Monitor
  • As an essential part of your weed control programme
  • Where weeds have been identified as a risk to wheat yields
  • If low or new weed infestations threaten future profitability
  • Where poor weather delayed weed control in the autumn
  • Where seed return must be prevented at all cost on weedy headlands (including conservation headlands under CSS and ELS schemes. Contact Natural England before use on land in agri-environment schemes)
Mode of action

Monitor is taken up primarily through the leaves, via the cuticle with the assistance of the added surfactant. Once inside the tissue, sulfosulfuron binds to and inhibits a plant enzyme known as ALS, without which the plant cannot produce three essential amino acids for growth.

Symptoms of ALS inhibition include yellowing or purpling of leaves, stunting, then plant death. Weeds stop competing with the crop several hours after application, though it can take ten days for symptoms to start showing.