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Spot Treatment

Notes on the use of Roundup Pro Biative for Spot Treatment in Paddocks
Weeds are not only unsightly, but can lead to many problems in paddocks with grazing animals.  Horses in particular are selective grazers and many fields have a tendency to grow obtrusive weeds, which are unpalatable e.g. Docks, Thistles and Nettles.  If left untreated these weeds flower and seed, proliferating at the expense of grazing area.
Why choose Roundup Pro Biactive to treat your paddock?
  • Safety to animals:  It contains glyphosate, which kills weeds by interfering with a protein production pathway only present in plants.  Even if digested glyphoste is not absorbed by animals and is excreted unchanged
  • No need to exclude animals:  The paddock can be treated without excluding animals for more than the few hours it takes for the spray to dry on the leaf*
  • Easy Application:  It is safe and easy to mix and apply
  • Effective:  Roundup is extremely thorough.  Weeds gradually change colour and die back over several weeks
  • Safety to the environment:  It can be safely used near watercourses and will not harm fish or other wildlife 
The best timing for perennial weeds likes Docks, Thistles and Ragwort is from when they have produced a flowering stem but before seeds are set.
There must be enough actively growing leaf above ground to absord sufficient product to kill the underground roots, i.e. at least 10-15cm.  Avoid spraying whilst the stem is extending repidly as the sap flow is against the direction of movement down to the roots.
* Poisonsous Plants e.g. Ragwort, Hogweed, Hemlock, St John's Wort
Treated plants become more palatable as they die, so decaying poisonous plants must be removed from the field or stock excluded until the plants have completely degenerated (at least 4 weeks).  Cutting or pulling these weeds 5 days after spraying allows grazing to recommence, knowing that any root remianing underground will die. 
Rates and Water Volumes
A full 20 litre knapsack sprayer with standard deflector nozzles giving 200 litres per ha output will cover 1,000 square metres when walking at 1 metre per second.  Use 25ml Roundup Pro Biactive, 20ml of Roundup ProBiative450, per litre of water, or 500ml Roundup Pro Biactive, 400ml of Roundup ProBiactive450 in 20 litres of water to control perennial weeds.
Caution: Roundup Pro Biactive kills most green plants, so care is needed to direct spray onto weeds targets only.