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New Roundup Approvals for Post Planting in Potatoes

Monsanto are pleased to announce the Chemicals Regulations Directorate have approved the use of Roundup Ace, Roundup Energy and Roundup Klik post planting but pre-emergence of potatoes.
The rate of application is up to 1.2l/ha which must be applied prior to any crop emergence.
The new use will be helpful to potato growers for cleaning up transplanted or early emerging annual weeds, especially grasses which have proved more difficult to control since the withdrawal of paraquat in 2008.
This rate will control newly germinated annual weeds and give suppression of emerged perennials like Common Couch to allow better establishment of the potatoes.
Roundup Ace, Roundup Energy and Roundup Klik are physically compatible with the following residual herbicides:  Linuron, Metribuzin, metribuzin+flufenacet, pendimethalin, prosulfocarb and clomazone.
A tank mix with up to 0.33l/ha of Shark (carfentrazone-ethyl) in 200 litres of water per hectare can be used to increase the speed of action on the weeds.  Three way mixes with residuals have not yet been tested by Monsanto.
The approval only applies to the above listed Roundup products, though further approvals are being sought.