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Performance of Roundup after storage at sub-zero temperatures
Prolonged periods of temperatures below freezing have been experienced across the UK and Ireland in the winter of 2009/10.
 Liquid Roundup products are all water soluble formulations and are much more stable than complex formulations, (e.g Emulsifiable Concentrates), which can undergo irreversible separation under extreme conditions. The stability of Roundup liquid formulations is stated on the MSDS and is guaranteed for at least two years when stored at a minimum temperature of -15 degrees Celcius. 
There was no effect on the composition, quality or stability of Roundup tested after it had been frozen solid during transport in temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celcius.
 Granular Roundup Max has no minimum storage temperature requirement because it is a dry granule with no potential to freeze. Keep opened packs tightly sealed.

Any product suspected of being frozen should be thoroughly shaken before use.