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Using Latitude


Silthiofam is loaded onto seed at a rate of 2 litres ofLatitude per tonne of seed (250g ai/t). This gives 20-40g ai/ha, depending on seed rate.

The water-based FS formulation ensures good seed coverage, low viscosity and low dustiness.

Latitudecan be co-appliedwith many other seed treatments, please check the compatibilities listfor further information.Some of the less expensive manganese seed treatments can affect the loading and adhesion of Latitude on seed.
Approved Crops
  • Winter and spring wheat
  • Winter barley
  • Triticale, Rye and Durum wheat (SOLA)
Guidelines for use

Application rate and information:
  • 2 litres/tonne
  • Specific gravity = 1.059 kg/l
  • Co-apply with a basic seed treatment for seed borne disease control
  • For compatibility please see compatibilities list
Drilling Instructions
  • Check drill calibration before use
  • Drill seed at 2.5 4cms depth into a well prepared and firm seedbed
  • Avoid poor seedbed conditions (eg very dry, fluffy, cloddy, capped or water-logged seedbeds)
Treated Seed Storage
  • Ideally, drill Latitude treated seed in the season of purchase
  • Latitude does not adversely affect the germination of stored seed
  • Because it is normally co-applied with a basic seed treatment always check the germination prior to using over-yeared seed
Environmental Stewardship
  • The likely build up of resistance to Latitude is low but cannot be excluded, as a precaution do not treat more than three consecutive cereal crops in any one rotation
  • Always use an integrated approach to take-all control, including cultural controls
  • Be aware that take-all symptoms will be seen in high disease situations