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Manage your OSR harvest for the most reliable results this season with a performance-proven modern Roundup

Today’s oilseed rape crops require the most careful pre-harvest glyphosate management for the greatest reliability and value. Thicker-stemmed, better-branched hybrids grown at lower seed rates and with stay-green agronomy need particular harvest management care; especially with later-maturing varieties and chancy weather. As well as using modern Roundup formulations proven to deliver the most consistent performance under challenging conditions, spray timing needs to be matched to crop structure.

The use of RoundUp under BPS, 2017 in Fallow Land with particular reference to Black-grass

The timing of glyphosate application to Black-grass was studied in detail under previous EU Set-aside rules, where pesticide application timings were restricted by calendar dates. Under the Basic Payment Scheme, (BPS) since 2015 there is no requirement for set-aside but there are situations where land is left non-cropped both as Fallow land under the Crop Diversification Rule and as Ecological Focus Areas, (EFA) under the Greening component of the BPS.

Get Maize off to the best start with Stale Seedbed Weed control

Maize growers should apply the stale seedbed approach that has proved so successful in controlling problem weeds ahead of autumn cereals to get their crops off to the best, weed-free start this season, advises a leading weed management specialist.

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Many will have cleaned and checked their sprayers and put them away for the winter, but there are some applications of Roundup which can still go ahead in the depths of winter.




The active ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate, which works by leaf uptake followed by movement in the sap to the growing points in both shoots and roots. It blocks the biochemical pathway producing amino acids - the building blocks for protein and causes a slow death by starvation. For this process to work there is a requirement for sufficient healthy leaf tissue to intercept the spray and 1-4 hours rain-free after application to allow uptake. This means that perennial plants which go dormant and lose their leaves e.g. Thistles and Nettles cannot be controlled with Roundup over winter. Seeds of some species like Annual meadow-grass and Chickweed will still germinate and along with other established weeds continue to grow during warmer spells throughout winter. 



 2 weeks after spraying in February              

4 weeks after spraying 


Low soil temperatures and a high diurnal air temperature range lead to slow plant growth and visible symptoms can take up to 4 weeks rather than the usual 10-14 days of summer, however the end result will be the same. Spraying can even take place in the morning after an overnight frost as long as it will lift during the day.

In non-cropped areas and paths where weeds are a problem these weeds can still be sprayed as long as the label instructions and the following conditions can be met: Rain not expected for 4 hours; sufficient healthy leaf tissue; frost expected to lift during the day.


Winter is the optimum time for clearing unwanted trees and the prevention of re-growth will save a large amount of labour in future years. This can be achieved either by plugging with Ecoplug Max or applying a solution of Roundup ProActive or Roundup ProVantage to freshly cut stumps with a paint brush. The Ecoplug method can be used in any weather posing minimum risk to the operator or environment and is becoming increasingly popular


Product guides for Roundup ProVantage, Roundup ProActive and Ecoplug Max can be found on the website. To maximise results in all conditions follow the guidance for optimum weed control using Roundup products, available on request


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