Roundup Energy


Power. Science. Performance.

  • Advanced Formulation

    • Consistent performance in a range of weather conditions
    • Excellent hard water efficacy
    • Easy pour, low viscosity solution
  • Superior Rainfastness

    • Rainfast in 1 hour for annuals and 4 hours for perennials
  • High Load 450g/l

    • 25% more glyphosate per litre
    • Reduced packaging, handling and waste

A soluble concentrate containing 450 g/l glyphosate, present as 607g/l (50.9% w/w) of the potassium salt of glyphosate.

Roundup Energy is a unique formulation of glyphosate containing 25% more active ingredient than standard 360g products. This provides benefits to growers in the form of reduced storage and packaging waste.

Roundup Energy has a very low viscocity which combined with the 'No-glug' 20 litre pack reduces the amount of time spent pouring the product into the sprayer and helps improve rinsing efficiency.

The patented TranSorb Technology surfactant gives an improved formulation, which is tissue safe and optimised for dissolution in both water and waxy materials, allowing faster penetration of the weed cuticle. This gives a more efficient and rapid uptake, as well as faster transport throughout the plant and down to the roots, where weed-killing power is needed most.

Roundup Energy has excellent efficacy, even on the toughest weeds and in weather conditions where inferior formulations fail to perform - it is rain fast in 1 hour on Common Couch and Symptoms develop more quickly allowing cultivation intervals to be reduced to just 6 hours for annuals and 2 days for Common Couch.

Roundup Energy Benefits

  • High load 450g/L glyphosate
  • Rainfast in 1 hour for annuals and 4 hours for perennials
  • Cultivation interval 6 hours for annuals 2 days for Couch, 5 days for perennials
  • Wide range of tank mixes
  • Flexible label
  • No hazard labels
  • Consistent performance in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Effective in hard water

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