Roundup ProActive


Setting new and improved standards

  • cleanLabel.png

    Clean Label

    • Non-hazardous as classified by COSHH
    • Does not carry a hazard symbol for transport and storage
    • Offers a high standard of operator safety
    • Approved for use in aquatic areas
  • improvedPerformance.png

    Superior performance in challenging conditions

    • Improved reliability, even in hot and dry or cool and dry weather conditions
    • Helps make the most out of weather windows, especially pre-harvest
  • flexDrift.png

    Less risk of drift

    • Reduces risk of damage to neighbouring crops and hedges
    • Reduces the risk of bystander exposure
    • Reduces risk of direct contamination of surface water

Product Information Guide | Hand Held Sprayer Rate Guide

Roundup ProActive is a patented potassium salt formulation containing 360gai/l glyphosate and a unique blend of two surfactants. The optimised blend of surfactants delivers highly efficient activity at the leaf surface and a synergistic improvement in glyphosate uptake and overall performance. Roundup ProActive incorporates a high technical specification and the formulation has been designed to address stewardship aspects, so vital now for glyphosate application.

How Roundup ProActive works

Roundup ProActive is a herbicide which is sprayed on to green leaves where it is absorbed and drawn into the plants vascular system. It then stops the production of the amino acids which build the protein the plant needs to grow and survive. The plant effectively starves to death.

Formulation Development

At Monsanto formulation scientists have a strong focus on the need for high level and consistent product performance whilst meeting the increasing demands of environmental stewardship and the practical use of glyphosate in the modern amenity situation. With this in mind, Roundup ProActive brings an advanced, clean label, formulation which not only incorporates leading technical specifications for glyphosate, but also addresses stewardship aspects so vital now for glyphosate application.

Roundup ProActive Formulation

Patented technology containing 360gai/l of the potassium salt and a unique blend of surfactants to deliver optimum efficacy and enhanced safety. The optimised blend of surfactants in Roundup ProActive provide the technology to aid transport across the leaf membrane and the formulation reduces surface tension so this highly active combination ensures a synergistic improvement in glyphosate uptake and overall performance. In addition the formulation retains the non-toxicity and biodegradability properties that are so important today and low viscosity is maintained through a wide range of storage and application conditions.


Roundup ProActive is one of Monsanto’s new generation of products developed with stewardship in mind.

  • Run-off is minimised by the rapid uptake which also enables the maximum use of weather windows, even in the more challenging situations.
  • Greater protection of operators and bystanders is afforded by the low drift properties of Roundup ProActive.
  • Safe for transport, handling and storage due to its non-hazardous status as defined by COSHH.
  • Can be used in areas open to the public and near water as its action blocks enzymes that are not found in humans, animals, birds or fish