Roundup ProVantage


Setting new and improved standards for the market

  • cleanLabel.png

    Clean Label

    • Non-hazardous as classified by COSHH
    • Does not carry a hazard symbol for transport and storage
    • Approved for use in aquatic areas
  • improvedPerformance.png

    Superior performance in challenging conditions

    • Improved reliability, even in hot and dry or cool and dry weather conditions
    • Helps make the most out of weather windows, especially pre-harvest
  • flexDrift.png

    Less risk of drift

    • Reduces risk of damage to neighbouring crops and hedges
    • Reduces the risk of bystander exposure
    • Reduces risk of direct contamination of surface water

Product Information Guide | Hand Held Sprayer Rate Guide

Roundup ProVantage is our latest amenity glyphosate product setting new and improved standards for the market. Continuing from the innovation of Roundup ProBio, this new high load formulation contains 480gai/l.

The highest levels of technical specification are built into Roundup ProVantage, addressing many of the vital stewardship aspects vital for modern glyphosate applications.

Roundup Product Stewardship

Product stewardship encompasses a range of activities from the responsible development of new formulations right through to supporting their usage, their users, their suppliers and others as may be required. This support doesn't stop after a product is introduced but continues throughout its life cycle.

With Roundup ProVantage stewardship is built in from the formulation to best practice advice; with excellent manufacturing quality and product development.

Roundup Formulation Development

Building on the success of ProBio, Roundup ProVantage offers the same technical spec but with an increased loading to reduce packaging waste and ease transportation.