Corporate Responsibility

Agriculture intersects the toughest challenges we all face on the planet. Together, we must meet the needs for increased food, fiber and energy while protecting the environment. In short, the world needs to produce more and conserve smarter.

Hugh Grant, Monsanto CEO

At Monsanto, we strive to create products that help growers produce more while conserving more – helping farmers grow yield sustainably. Our Pledge guides all that we do, helps us convert our values to actions and results, and makes clear who we are and what we champion.

We strive to conduct ourselves and our business practices in alignment with our Pledge values. As an agricultural technology leader, our corporate responsibilities and the values to which we hold ourselves accountable extend past the boardroom to the lab, to the farm – and beyond. It begins with our employees and branches out to our customers and the communities in which they grow the seeds and use the products that help feed, clothe and fuel the world.

Our technology, whether in conventional breeding, biotechnology or agricultural productivity, must be developed and used responsibly and safely. Monsanto’s strong commitment to safety includes creating safe working conditions for all of our employees worldwide and extends to those who use our products and to the environment in which they are used.

With the development of products that help growers to produce more while conserving more, Monsanto helps both large and small growers around the world farm in a more sustainable way and attain a better quality of life. It is the combination of our Pledge, our focus on excellence in business conduct, our commitment to integrity, and our products that help us bring about our vision of a better world.