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July is the most important month of the year for grassweed control. With the possible exception of pre-harvest oilseed rape spraying, it may involve no fieldwork. Yet, in the experience of a leading weed management expert, what you do in July is critical to the success of every element of the entire year’s cultural and chemical control programme.

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Welcome to Grassweed Action

Here is our new video about Grassweed Action - it's time to take control!

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Take Full Advantage of Extra Spring Cropping Weed Control Opportunities

Substantial increases in spring cropping across the country this season should do much to address black-grass, brome and Italian ryegrass problems. But only if sufficient care and attention is put into their control ahead of and at sowing.

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Making The Most Of Every Out-of-Crop Weed Control Window

Making the most of every window of weed control opportunity between crops is now an agronomic essential rather than the valuable ‘weather-permitting’ bonus it used to be.

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Perfecting the Stale Seedbed Approach

Move as little depth of soil as possible, give yourself enough time and use it to greatest effect. These are the three keys to the best, most consistent stale seedbed control of annual grass weeds ahead of drilling identified by independent tillage specialist, Steve Townsend.

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