Oilseed Rape Harvest Management

This season more than ever correct pre-harvest Roundup® Brands desiccation will be essential for growers.  The winter and spring weather conditions have resulted in a range of pod maturities within the canopy.  Increasingly growers have drilled hybrid varieties at lower seed rates, plants produce thicker stems and with the application of growth regulators and fungicides there is more moisture left in the plant at maturity.

Desiccation with Roundup Brands will be the key to ensure more timely and reliable harvesting, fewer volunteers, savings in drying costs, and earlier entry to following crop.

What are the main benefits of using Roundup Brands for harvest management?

Far less troublesome combining – 91%

Valuable extra weed control – 82%

Less drying cost – 80%

More reliable harvest timing – 76%


The Timing Guide for Efficient Harvesting of Oilseed Rape

Apply Roundup  Brands when the crop moisture content of the Oilseed rape seeds is below 30%.  This may be determined visually by following the 3 steps detailed below.


Oilseed Rape Desiccation Tips

It is essential to time the Roundup Brands application correctly.

  • Use Roundup Brands selecting the appropriate rates as per table above. Roundup Brands have distinct advantages in rainfastness over generic glyphosate.  A big advantage in showery weather conditions. 
  • Using a generic glyphosate can compromise all the benefits of desiccation when insufficient glyphosate penetrates the plant. Roundup Brands are 25% better on tough weeds and oilseed rape stems.
  • Good penetration of the canopy needs water volumes to be kept up to 200-250l/ha and using low drift pre-orifice nozzles, air inclusion nozzles or angled nozzle technology should provide low drift combined with maximum penetration.
  • Keep forward speed down and pay close attention to boom height, especially over leaning or variable crops.
  • Spray in the early morning when humidity is high rather than in the heat of a hot day.
  • Desiccation of upright, even crops will take at least 21 days – some of this years crops could take up to 4 weeks to dry the stems down thoroughly. Patience will be needed!

For a FREE Factsheet on Oilseed Rape Harvest Management contact:  Monsanto Ireland Limited, telephone: (01) 825 0555/0574.