Comprehensive New Weed Management Tool

A new tool has been introduced this season to help farmers across the UK identify, track and better manage a wide range of troublesome weeds with glyphosate.

The on-line Roundup Weed Application provides accurate illustrations, descriptions and spray timing guidance for more than 125 grass and broad-leaved weeds, together with recommended treatment rates for modern Roundup formulations.

An easy-to-use and well-illustrated weed identification tool allows this comprehensive database to be narrowed down to pinpoint problem weeds from key characteristics with a few clicks of the mouse. Weed infestations can then be logged by field location (using the aerial mapping feature, if desired), their status tracked and their treatment planned and recorded using the calendar function.

Full information on all the Roundup formulations – including usage advice, labels and MSDS – is available through the Application which also gives direct e-mail and telephone links to the Roundup technical helpline for further professional support and guidance.

The Roundup Weed Application is available free of charge to UK growers at