Herbicide offers less drift and more active ingredient

Herbice offers less drift and more active ingredient

Hazard free label on new formulation

The latest formulation of Roundup (glyphosate) to come to market in the UK offers the highest ever loading of active ingredient, a hazard free labe land low drift properties.

Roundup Powermax, which comes to market 40 years after the first Roundup product was marketed, is a dry formulation replacing Roundup Max and contains 6 per cent more active ingredient - 720g/kg ammonium salt compared with its predecessor's 680g/kg. The new product also contains a blend of three surfactancts, which are polyethoxylated tallow amine (POEA)-free, giving it a 'clean' label, while Roundup Max's surfactant was included in the POEA family by regulators, meaning it had a hazard label.


According to Monsanto business development manager Rob Plaice, the new formulation has a slight advantage over its predecessor in hard water situations, in terms of rainfastness, and in hot, cold and dry conditions.

In addition, it offers a 'large step forward' in terms of rate security, with 'exceptional' performance at low active ingredient rates as a result of the new surfactant system. There are also drift reduction benefits with the new formulation, says Mr Plaice.

The Roundup Powermax formulation is less prone to drift than standard formulations, especially where additional adjuvant is added.

Extract from Farmers Guardian - May 23, 2014 Issue

New label uses include aquatic use, around the farm (areas not intended to bear vegetation) and inter-row use in vienyards.

A number of Extention of Authorisation for Minor Use approvals are due in July 2014, including pre-harvest use in lupins and rye, inter-row use in vegetables, soft and top fruit and use in farm forestry, game cover, miscanthus and hemp.