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Ensuring the best grassland re-seeding

Rapid and effective destruction of worn out, weedy swards is one of the most important keys to success in grassland improvement through re-seeding, stresses weed control specialist, Barrie Hunt of Monsanto.

Roundup ProVantage formulation sets new standards

Roundup ProVantage, the glyphosate herbicide from market leader Monsanto, is formulated to set new and improved standards in weed control.

How to effectively prevent tree stump regrowth with EcoPlug Max

Ecoplug Max is a patented tree stump control application method. Each plug contains 300mg of granular glyphosate which is released inside the tree stump ensuring all the active ingredient is carefully targeted where it is needed.

Minimize Risk of Glyphosate Resistance

Currently there are no known cases of glyphosate resistance in the UK; to help ensure this remains the case the Weed Resistance Action Group have issued guidelines for minimizing the risk of it developing.

Time to tackle Japanese Knotweed

A press release from Monsanto with guidelines for getting rid of Japanese Knotweed.

Staying In Control

Annual Conference & Exhibition of the Amenity Forum

Fighting a festive friend

Ivy is an attractive plant that can become a menace and cause damage to buildings and monuments, although it does provide cover and food for wildlife, so its removal needs to be considered carefully.

Slow weed control after coldest spring for 50 years

Amenity managers are experiencing unusual problems with weed control this year after the coldest spring for 50 years. Slow weed emergence and development make planning by the calendar impossible.