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Responding to the Ryegrass Threat

Barrie Hunt turns his expert attention to managing Italian ryegrass in the latest in our series of articles on getting to grips with problem grassweeds.

Reset glyphosate expectations Following tallow amine withdrawal

Do not expect the levels of performance you have been used to from many glyphosates this summer following the withdrawal of European approval for ethoxylated tallow amine (ETA) formulations, growers have been warned.

Focus on soil management for black-grass control

Appropriate soil management can play a major part in controlling your black-grass before it controls you, growers and agronomists were advised at a national Soil & Water Management Centre improvement event in Lincolnshire.

Balancing Autumn grass weed and OSR volunteer management needs

Cultivation immediately after harvesting has become standard practice for growers wanting the best control of problem grassweeds ahead of winter cereal drilling. But it’s about the worst thing they can do after oilseed rape if they also want to deal with the volunteers that can be so problematic in arable rotations.

Act now to beat herbicide resistance

Herbicide resistance is a very real threat to our ability to effectively control weeds in amenity situations and groundsmen need to take steps to avoid it, warns Monsanto.

Crop Patch Spraying can be highly cost-effective

Spraying-off patches of cereals badly-infested with grassweeds this season can be highly cost-effective in preventing disastrous levels of weed seed return, according to leading agronomy advisers. But only if it is done at the right time and with sufficient care.

Grassweed Action - Regain Control Video

Here is our new video about Grassweed Action - it's time to take control!

Get Maize off to the best start with Stale Seedbed Weed control

Maize growers should apply the stale seedbed approach that has proved so successful in controlling problem weeds ahead of autumn cereals to get their crops off to the best, weed-free start this season, advises a leading weed management specialist.

Out of crop weed control

Tips on making the most of stubble management

Minimize Risk of Glyphosate Resistance

Currently there are no known cases of glyphosate resistance in the UK; to help ensure this remains the case the Weed Resistance Action Group have issued guidelines for minimizing the risk of it developing.

Time to tackle Japanese Knotweed

A press release from Monsanto with guidelines for getting rid of Japanese Knotweed.

Clean up your weeds ahead of harvest

Weed-infested cereal crops can be sprayed off with glyphosate herbicide ahead of harvest to control weeds and also improve grain quality.

Herbicide offers less drift and more active ingredient

The latest formulation of Roundup (glyphosate) to come to market in the UK offers the highest ever loading of active ingredient, a hazard free labe land low drift properties.

Fighting a festive friend

Ivy is an attractive plant that can become a menace and cause damage to buildings and monuments, although it does provide cover and food for wildlife, so its removal needs to be considered carefully.

Slow weed control after coldest spring for 50 years

Amenity managers are experiencing unusual problems with weed control this year after the coldest spring for 50 years. Slow weed emergence and development make planning by the calendar impossible.