Roundup Ultimate


Powerful 50% more glyphosate than standard 360 formulations

A soluble concentrate containing 540g/l glyphosate, present as 662g/l (48.7%)of the potassium salt of glyphosate.
This high loading combined with Monsato's 'no-glug' containers gives the user advantages in handling along with packaging and waste, 33% less than standard 360 g/l products, the 'no-glug' containers are also easier to triple rinse saving time.
Roundup Ultimate performs in even the toughest conditions, is rainfast from 3 hours on annuals and Common Couch with turn around times of 24 hours for annuals and 5 days for Common Couch.

Roundup Ultimate Benefits

  • High load formulation 540g/l glyphosate
  • Rainfast in 3 hours for annuals and 6 hours for perennials
  • Cultivation interval of 24 hours for annuals and 5 days for couch and perennials
  • Wide range of tank mixes
  • Flexible label

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