Peas and Beans

Apply Roundup when the average moisture of the seeds of field beans or peas is below 30%. At this stage pods of both crops will be mature.


The crop is ready when:

  • The top pods are fleshy, pitted, green to yellow and the seeds will still split if squeezed
  • Middle pods are pitted, crinkled and yellow, seeds are rubbery and won't split if squeezed
  • Lower pods are yellow/brown and papery thin, seeds are hard


  • The stems of beans are usually green/brown and the pods are black


Lupins are normally self-desiccating and would only require help for weeds rather than desiccation of the crop itself, but there are varietal differences, with some tending to hold on to a small ring of leaves at the top of the stem until relatively mature.  30% moisture in lupins usually coincides with most leaves having dropped off and the pods being yellow and wrinkled.


An interval of 10-14 days is necessary before combine harvesting.  When used solely for weed control a minimum of 7 days should be allowed.

To download the pictorial Monsanto Roundup pre-harvest Timing Guide click here.