Valdor Flex by Bayer (Residual Herbicide)

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Product Overview

Valdor® Flex is a residual, pre-emergent, herbicide that controls a broad spectrum of weeds.

When applied prior to germination, depending on the weed species to be controlled, Valdor® Flex keeps the soil weed free for up to 4 months. The product is a combination of 2 active ingredients, Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium and Diflufenican (DFF), in convenient pack sizes. These active ingredients complement each other and improve the result compared to being applied individually.

Valdor® Flex can be applied to all permeable surfaces and railway ballast to provide effective weed control in a number of environments from industrial sites to public spaces. If weeds are present Valdor® Flex can be applied with glyphosate or a fatty acid to achieve control of existing vegetation.

Key Features

- Ideal for use by local authorities, county councils, highways maintenance, vegetation management contractors, landscapers and many others
- Due to long residual activity, Valdor® Flex requires less frequent applications. Reducing the amount of herbicide applied to achieve a weed free environment
- Reduced risk of weed resistance by different modes of action


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